My Journey in Sudan’s Technocrats

When I was in High School , I took part in auditions of various co-curricular activities and other activities also.

One day one of my friend told me about a Bootcamp on Web-Development which is organized by Sudan’s Technocrats , He told me to register in the Bootcamp. He also told me that they select only 100 students out of all the registration they get. When i I hear that i was slightly upstate , finally i register in the program.

Scholarship Email from Sudan’s Tech.

Finally the day come when we have to submit our final projects.

Our mentor Smile Gupta mam give as references for projects. I was slightly trouble in selecting the final project - after taking time on each and every references which was given by our mentor , finally i select a project based on a music player . I submit my project on Git-hub .

Overall, it was a great experience. Hope , such more opportunities will come…🙃

Improving the world w/ better education…